The 30's Milkman is a self-proclaimed milk delivery man and professional wrestler who made his Jerma Wrestling Federation debut by entering the second Jerma Rumble at the number 8 entry spot and made his second and last appearance at Jermania 2014. Unfortunately, the 30's Milkman died by unknown causes some time between Jermania 2014 and the 3rd Jerma Rumble. He was dubbed at one point by Jerma himself as being "probably worse than Bat Boy" and "the worst character that's ever been made".

Physical Appearance Edit

The 30's Milkman is one of the more normal-looking characters created by Jerma since he's "just a guy with white pants, a white shirt and a hat on" with no other features that stand out besides his signature bow tie.

In The Ring Edit

It is assumed that the 30's Milkman's favorite move to use in the ring is the Scoop Slam, as he is seen using that move more than any other, but that might only be because he was too busy getting punched in the face to do anything else.

Jerma Rumble 2 Edit

The 30's Milkman made his Jerma Wrestling Federation debut at the second Jerma Rumble when he entered the match at the number 8 entry position. He lasted 4 minutes and 30 seconds inside the ring before getting eliminated by the Super Mario Byeah. Unfortunately, he couldn't manage to eliminate anyone during his time in the Rumble.


The 30's Milkman being eliminated by the Super Mario Byeah

Jermania 2014 Edit

The 30's Milkman's second and last appearance in the ring was in the second match of Jermaina 2014, where he faced Grandpa in the "Grandpa VS All the Shitty Characters Gauntlet Match" as the first opponent. He only lasted 2 minutes and 56 seconds before being hit with a cutter through the announcer's table by Grandpa, knocking him out and eliminating him from the match. Afterwards, he was then seen getting into a fight with Santa Claus on the stage. A few other shitty characters such as The Chicken tried to calm them down before Santa punched Milkman in the face, shortly followed by Milkman performing a leaping punch to Santa before disappearing behind The Turkey and ending the last living appearance of the 30's Milkman.


The 30's Milkman about to be hit with a cutter through the commentary table

Jerma Rumble 3 Edit

The 30's Milkman appeared for the last time in a tribute video dedicated to wrestlers who passed away during the year. He was shown in an 11-second clip featuring the 30's Milkman trying, and failing, to stop an unknown driver from running over his car in a monster truck before driving off, leaving a distraught 30's Milkman alone with his destroyed car. It is unknown how the 30's Milkman passed away.

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