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Bat Boy is a grotesque hybrid between a bat and a boy. He is an annoying shitty character who is often seen competing in the Jerma Wrestling Federation.


Bat Boy is a humanoid with many bat-like traits. He has an unnatural bright orange skin tone, a large pair of wings on his back, large ears on the top of his head, wide feet, and a bulbous upper chest. He has no hair, and is most often seen wearing nothing but a pair of teal jorts.

Despite his terrible reputation, Bat Boy is actually a fairly skilled wrestler. This could be a side effect of his hybrid transformation. He supposedly has the "resilience of 20 bats" whatever that means, and has even survived getting hit by Benjamin Franklin in a car. In Jerma Rumble 3, his stats were set to 13/100, but he actually did surprisingly well for someone at such a disadvantage. It is unknown if his wings are functional.

Little is known about Bat Boy's personality. However, he seems to be quite selfish and obnoxious, joyously making his way down to the ring and trying to play it cool after Demon Lord Zeraxos had just killed like three people. It seems he may have internalized all the hate he gets and is using it as motivation.



Jerma revealed that Bat Boy was originally a normal boy that was fused with a bat to try and make a superhero similar to Spider-Man. However, it turned out that Bat Boy was just an annoying idiot, and as the weeks went by the scientists grew tired of him. To get rid of him, they gave Bat Boy a suitcase with $4,000 in it and told him to go to Philadelphia. After that, he made his way to the JWF to fight for glory with all the other freaks.

In the Ring[]

The Jerma Rumble[]


Bat Boy's horrific face after getting eliminated.

Bat Boy makes his debut in the first Jerma Rumble, where Jerma quickly writes him off. However, Bat Boy is able to fend off Gabe Newell and eliminate Byeah #284, impressing Jerma. He immediately ruins this respect by kicking Boo in the dick, and soon afterwards is eliminated by Gaben. Jerma promises that Bat Boy will never be seen again, but this turned out not to be true.

Jermania 2014[]

Bat Boy returns as part of Grandpa's shit character gauntlet match. Since Grandpa goes off-script and starts wreaking havoc, the shit characters all start coming out at the same time and begin fighting amongst each other - in the midst of the chaos, Bat Boy sneaks into the ring and attacks Grandpa. Jerma is shocked to hear that Bat Boy is even still alive. After a while of fighting, the other shit characters enter the ring to continue fighting - that is, until they notice they totally outnumber Grandpa and begin ganging up on him instead. The ref then rings the bell and gets them all to leave.

Jerma Rumble 3[]

Bat Boy returns in Jerma Rumble 3, appearing right after Demon Lord Zeraxos' murderous rampage. He comes to the ring playing it cool by dancing, which was deemed somewhat tone-deaf and disrespectful for those who lost their lives. Bat Boy is then able to eliminate The Egg, and almost eliminates Miserable Mikey by working together with Pac-Man. Jerma begins worrying that Bat Boy has a chance at winning, but thankfully he is defeated by Sonny the Bird.



  • Bat Boy may have connections with Glue Man and The Egg, who were both also transformed by accidents of some kind.
    • He also may be somehow related to Chuck Shnozwell, who was said to have the strength of 50 bats in Jermania 2018.
  • For a long time, Bat Boy was the only character to have his in-game stats revealed by Jerma. However, with the advent of streamed Jermanias this is no longer the case.
  • He has the largest wingspan of any Jerma character.
  • His signature move in the ring may be a Reverse DDT, as it earns him a near fall in his Jermania appearance against Grandpa.