Shitty Character Edit

For a normal character to be considered a "shitty character", they must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Be a normal wrestler introduced in the Jerma Rumble.
  2. Be a character with normal human characteristics and normal human clothes.
  3. Be a character never seen before in the Jerma's Universe with either a quickly fabricated backstory or no backstory whatsoever.
  4. Be a character made up in a rush just to fill spaces in the roster.
  5. Be a wrestler with a comical appearance.
  6. They were present for the "Grandpa vs All The Shitty Characters" event featured in "Jermania 2014".
  7. Has no backstory at all.
  8. Is a meme character.

* If it is stated by Jerma himself that a character is a shitty character, then it is a shit character even if it does not meet any of the requirements above.

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