Dr. August Oetker (January 6, 1862 – January 10, 1918) was a German inventor of baking powder who possibly used time travel to reach the modern era in the Jermaverse (similar to Ben Franklin). Oetker participated in the first ever Jermania & Jerma Rumble Stream Edition, quickly becoming one of the fan favorite wrestlers.

In The Ring Edit

Jermania - Stream Edition Edit

Dr. Oetker was one of the three contestants in the "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match, the others being Easy Pete and Frogmin. Although Oetker was the least voted for contestant in the psychic reading Jerma made about who'd win the match, he managed to get the briefcase while Easy Pete and Frogmin were down.

Jerma Rumble - Stream EditionEdit

Crashed Rumble Edit

Dr. Oetker was the second contestant in the ring after Glue Man. During the Rumble he managed to eliminate The Archmage of Mampang. He later eliminated Jerma 21 seconds after he entered and another 21 seconds after that he eliminated the VR Guy. The highlight of Oetker's roll was when he eliminated Agent 47 and the Time Serpent at the same time while they were busy fighting each other. Dr. Oetker was eventually eliminated by Mr. Sneak Man.chuj

Canon Rumble Edit

Dr. Oetker was the 16th contestant in the ring. During the Rumble he managed to eliminate the Water Serpent, masterfully reversed Flanker's attempt at eliminating him, and later on eliminating Easy Pete. Oetker was eventually eliminated by the Earth Serpent.

Jermania: Stream Edition 2017 Edit

Dr. Oetker claimed he has the best baking soda, and then promptly made a heel turn, making him now a villian.

He later appeared, knocking out multiple opponents with extreme brutality, before being eliminated by Glue Man

Acting Career Edit

After his rising popularity as a wrestler in the Jerma Wrestling Federation, Dr. Oetker decided to become an actor. He was quickly hired by Jerma alongside Glue Man, Barry and Jerma (possibly a clone Jerma) with whom he later acted in two movies.

Filmography Edit

Year Title Role Notes
2016 Renegade Realtor Jack Rage
2016 Relative Time The Doppelganger Uncredited