Earthworm Jim Edit

Earthworm Jim is a 1994 run and gun platforming video game developed by Shiny Entertainment, featuring an earthworm named Jim in a robotic suit who battles evil. The game was released for the Sega Genesis in 1994, and subsequently ported to a number of other video game consoles.

It was well received by critics, and received a sequel, Earthworm Jim 2, in 1995. Fifteen years later, Gameloft developed a high definition remake for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, titled Earthworm Jim HD, in 2010.

In The Ring Edit

Jerma Rumble 2 Edit

Earthworm Jim made his Jerma Wrestling Federation debut by entering the second Jerma Rumble at number nine, and as soon as he entered the ring he immediately went after Gordon Freeman, possibly in an act of revenge for Gabe Newell who was eliminated just seconds before Jim entered the ring (therefore, it' s possible that Newell was Jim' s colleague and had a backstage alliance with him) , and eliminated Gordon Freeman within 30 seconds in the ring, and proceeded to "give em' the bird" after doing so. About 7 and a half minutes later Jim gained his second elimination in the rumble by kicking The Coat Hanger out of the ring, then about 2 and a half minutes later he get's eliminated by Cap'n Crunch who also kicks him in the face ending his run inside the ring at an impressive 10 minutes and 31 seconds.

Jerma Rumble 3 Edit

Earthworm Jim made another appearance Jerma Rumble 3 when he entered at number eight, and during his entrance Jerma stated that Jim was "a veteran of the Jerma Rumbles" though that is not very true because he wasn't in the first Jerma Rumble. Unfortunately Earthworm Jim didn't do as well in this Rumble as he didn't gain any eliminations and was Clotheslined out of the ring by Count Chocula within 33 seconds.


Earthworm Jim being eliminated by Count Chocula