Easy Pete is a character from Fallout New Vegas and a resident of Goodsprings. Although not an original Jerma character, Easy Pete Plays a prominent role in the Jerma Universe. To find out more about the character itself check his page on the Fallout Wiki.

Fallout NV Stream and Migration Edit

Easy Pete first appeared in Jerma's Fallout New Vegas streams (of which highlights were uploaded to the second channel). His first prominent appearance was in Freeside where Jerma spawned (unknowingly) 10 of him inside the King's School of Impersonation.

Later a group of another 10 Easy Petes were spawned inside Gomorrah Casino and immidiately began to leave causing Jerma to follow them. During their journey the Easy Petes had many perilous battles against Securitrons and Fiends. During these battles many Easy Petes lost their lives prompting Jerma to spawn more to continue this Migration. Eventually the Easy Petes arrived to and entered the "Goodsprings Home" where they filled up the entire house. Inside this house Jerma attacked one of them causing them all to shout "Bastard!", scaring Jerma. All Easy Petes inside the house died, most from the "kill all" cheat.

Jermania - Stream Edition Edit

Easy Pete was one of the three contestants in the "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match, the others being Dr. Oetker and Frogmin. During the match Easy Pete managed to impress the audience by doing the advanced maneuver of "Glitching Through The Ladder", twice. Despite his efforts he eventually lost when Dr. Oetker got the briefcase.

Jerma Rumble - Stream Edition Edit

In the crashed Rumble, Easy Pete went immediately for Orson Welles and after a long fight, managed to eliminate him. Later, after a fight with the Snattacat Easy Pete managed to eliminate him by slightly pushing him over the top ropes. Easy Pete was eventually eliminated with a Chokeslam over the top ropes by Flanker.

In the complete Rumble, almost as soon as Easy Pete entered the ring, he eliminated Paul Bearer. Easy Pete also eliminated Sluggo off screen. Unfortunately he was eventually beat and eliminated by Dr. Oetker.

Notable Quotes Edit

In a fight:

  • "Bastard!" (Most popular quote due to the fact dozens of Easy Petes Said it together all at once)
  • "Look at 'em go!" (Popular quote due to the same reason)
  • "Stop!"
  • "Whippersnapper!'

In a Conversation:

  • "Howdy."
  • "Yup."