Initially appearing as Jerma's GTA Online character, Jay Buffet (also known as The Wine Guy, or his criminal alter ego the Barefoot Bandit), proceeded to become the main protagonist of the unreleased film "This Vineyard" and later make his Jerma Wrestling Federation debut in the first Jerma Rumble Live Action.

Despite his refined appearance, he is described by Jerma as a highly dangerous, unpredictable man in possession of incredible strength. This puissance was proven in the 'Jerma Rumble Live Action', in which he incapacitated The Disco Diaper beyond immediate recovery and fought with Burgah Boy, Carl Griffinsteed and Jerma himself before being eliminated by Gabe "Glue Man" Degrossi.

Jay Buffet's profound passion for fine wines see him regularly attending wine conventions in the city of Los Santos, where he is often seen in the company of Jerma's friend, mlc_st3alth. Cabernet, his favourite red wine, is kept in ample supply at his high-rise apartment, enabling him to indulge comfortably in the libation, often to the point of senseless inebriation.

Trivia Edit

  • During his entrance at the Rumble, he is actually drinking Red Bull rather than wine.
  • Helped Jeremy write the script for the rumble.
  • Jay is voiced by Jerma and portrayed by Ray Fuschetti, Jerma's friend and the co-producer of the "Jerma Rumble Live Action".


Wine Guy