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""I'm not the sus guy""
―sus guy

Jerma985 (2ndJerma on YouTube), real name Jeremy Jerma985 Elbertson (also goes by "Frank Ugly") is a compact Twitch streamer, YouTuber, voice actor, world famous gaming tournament champion, serial killer, professional wrestler, and world record holder for smallest man and poop gamer known for his eccentric personality, sense of humor, overall friendliness, long balls, and his ego-fueled tirades about bathroom tiles.

Jerma has never spoken using his real voice. Fans theorize that his real voice is a supernatural weapon of some kind where upon hearing it, you are immediately transported to a realm of existence that is incomprehensible by the human mind. A realm where you are driven to insanity by immense, Lovecraftian horrors and an infinitely expanding pit of enveloping darkness.

Jerma currently lives in an undisclosed location, as he has successfully evaded federal surveillance teams via an elaborate catalog of illusions, prerecorded streams, Jerma lookalikes, and holograms. These searches were conducted as part of a global effort to put an end to his murder streak. If you see this man, notify your local authorities immediately and leave the area quickly and discreetly. (AVOID ANY AND ALL CLOWN CARS UNTIL HE IS STOPPED).

After a Yearly Channel Doctor's Appointment, Jerma gravitated away from YouTube and hasn't made a video on his main channel since, stating that the channel is now an archive and now focusing instead on live streams. His second channel, 2ndJerma, is home to hundreds of stream highlight videos. These were previously edited exclusively by Holy Mackerel the Third and Bellusdaisy, but in 2020 the channel underwent a restructuring where new editors, some of whom were known by the community for their unofficial work, were brought on board to remedy the issue of edited content being very far behind schedule.


Personal life

Jeremy was born with an extra set of hands on September 22nd, 1985, and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He had a pretty thick Boston accent back in the day. One of his childhood friends is Matt (Burgah Boy). He was a gamer from a young age, even winning a local Blockbuster Championship by beating everyone else in a SNES game when he was 10 years old.

Jerma went to college and majored in communications, and claims that it was a struggle to do so. His GPA was 2.6. During college, he once ate an entire sleeve of Oreos and threw up in his mother's bed.

After that, he had a bunch of odd-jobs such as working at a call center, filming weddings, and being a substitute teacher at a middle school. He also worked at olive garden and groupon.

Jermaverse history

Quick (serious) Summary

Jeremy Elbertson was a YouTuber from 2011 (Jerma985) to 2016, and Twitch streamer from 2016 onwards. Before his Twitch life, he was known mostly for his funny YouTube videos. He would irregularly upload comedy videos. These videos, he would make various bits and jokes involving shitty games, TF2 and other multiplayer games with friends or alone. The humor would usually come from watching him break games, be bad at them, or create funny situations a la sitcom comedy. Then also, he would perform live-action bits (which would become his channel's trademark) with elaborate production, special effects, editing, and definitely hours of effort!

But then, in 2016 he made the switch to Twitch streaming, probably because of the much improved sustained revenue from streaming, as he had begun creating content as a full-time job that year.

Now he is known for playing various requested games by Twitch chat and making pranks, jokes, impersonations and in general the extensive back and forth he has with the audience, which also results in bits. His elaborate bits and events featuring literal, chat memes as wrestlers or joke streams are also a point of popularity to Jeremy's new Twitch and YouTube Presence.

By many, he is considered an extremely friendly, eccentric guy. Many memes are made of him, often in good faith.

YouTube (Jerma985) era

Jerma's 2011 Youtube channel.

The first video on his YouTube channel, aptly titled TF2 - Spy: Goldrush (First Commentary), featured Jerma playing TF2 as the Spy and introducing himself to YouTube. After support from people encouraging him to continue, he created the Jermaverse with the video "Grandpa plays Insaniquarium," which introduced the first Jerma character of all time: Grandpa.

An earlier Jerma, back when he was good, righteous, and innocent.

Playing random games, mostly Team Fortress 2, and doing live commentaries, Jerma's presence began to grow. At 500 subscribers, he did a couple of bicep curls, and at 2000 subscribers he dressed up as the Scout and threw cakes at Burgah Boy.

Jerma eventually met and began collaborating with other YouTubers such as Shibby2142, MLC_St3alth, Boo, Etalyx, and eventually Ster. Jerma and Ster's friendship is a classic bromance, inspiring many fanfics in our beloved internet (*Take note that reading them will be at your own risk, and Jerma Lore Wiki accepts no liability for any psychological trauma incurred). Jerma collaborates with a few of these people to this day.

During the 'tuber era, Jerma was primarly known as a TFtuber, and the big buddy of Ster (going by "Star_" at the time). Ster and Jerma were two of the biggest TFtubers during Valve's peak support of TF2 in the early to mid-2010's, and possibly the most impactful 'tubers of the whole TF2 community to this day. Ster was the cool "awesome sauce" one and Jerma was the Joker. Although they were both making content besides TF2 throughout this time, such as Jerma's shitty game showcases and Ster's "Basically" series, their TF2 content was always the most popular and what they were most known for. During the later "What happened to the old STAR_?"

The Jermaverse was created when Grandpa owed $6000 to each member of Jerma's audience for losing a bet by failing to be "MLG." Jerma decided to create the Jermaverse after a clairvoyant ster foresaw his fate of being hit in the face in the shower, which Jerma did not avoid.

Jerma was partnered with Machinima around 2012. He has recently said that it wasn't a great experience.

Jerma proceeded to create an underground fighting tournament called Super SmaJerma Rumble! after being taught by Danny Trejo how to fight. In this tournament, he pits his own characters against each other for his amusement. Jerma Rumble was later followed by two sequels and a spin-off known as Jermania 2014, and numerous stream rumbles.

On July 8th, 2014, Jerma said he was volunteering at an animal shelter, because of his love for animals and his urge to help those in need, even though he obviously did it to sate his hunger for raw flesh, which foreshadows his descent into madness

On September 30th, 2014, Jerma uploaded a video announcing that he's writing a "choose your own adventure" book. Only a few updates came regarding the progress on the book, one of which stated he'll be putting the side-project on the back burner for now. He's since announced that the book project is cancelled.

On August 29th, 2016, the long-awaited continuation of the Jerma Rumble event arrived in the form of a live-action Jerma Rumble. This video was teased by Jerma for a long time, being constantly delayed for many reasons such as not being able to find a ring or people who would like to participate in the Rumble. Jerma said that he has spent between $7,500 - $9,000 on the making of the video. Once he passed his initial budget, he apparently just stopped counting.

Jerma Rumble Live was the last actual video (not update video) he ever uploaded to his main channel, and was the bookend as his life as a Youtuber. From that point onward, he decided to almost completely transition to live, variety content on Twitch instead of prerecorded, edited, and sometimes scripted content on Youtube. He addresses this new outlook of content creation on his last few update videos he uploaded to his main channel, such as "Let's talk about some stuff". Although his initial plan was to continue to use his main channel for big projects like Jerma Rumble Live and a second channel for stream highlights, he gave up on making anymore edited videos for the main channel after a few weeks/months. He eventually decided that his main channel would act as an an "archive" for his old content.

Jerma also participated in several charity events (e.g Tip of the Hats 2014/15/16). Jerma himself donated several hundred or, more likely, even thousands of dollars to charity.

Twitch (2ndJerma) Era

On September 11th, 2016, Jerma's second channel, 2ndJerma, was created. As Jerma initially planned in his update video, The Philosophy Going Forward, the second channel was designated for highlights of Jerma's streams, while the main channel was planned to be for content that Jerma puts more effort into and actually feels like working on. Although the main channel is now treated as an archive, the 2nd channel is still in use as was originally intended. The main editor of 2ndJerma, Holy Mackerel the Third (Mack), made his debut into the hellscape of Jerma here.

From this point forward, Jerma's main form of direct output is on Twitch, in the form of streams. Each stream could be anywhere from 5-12 hours long depending on how much Jerma hates himself that day. He has no consistent schedule, but generally streams a few times a week (unless he breaks all his bones), and has a command that you can type in chat to see when he's planning to stream next: "!sus". He has no direct involvement with 2ndJerma unless something wacky happens.

Initially, 2ndJerma's role as an official source of stream highlights of a Bostonian E-clown was smoothly sailing, with the highlight of a stream being uploaded a few days after the initial broadcast. However, as the years went on, Jerma just kept broadcasting for longer and more frequently, which caused a backlog to start piling up for the 2nd channel. The time between Jerma streaming and a highlight video being made of it was getting longer and longer. At its worst, the 2nd channel would be at least a year behind from the current events in the Jermaverse on Twitch. This massive gap in time led fans to refer to the uncut Twitch broadcasts as "the manga" and the more-condensed 2ndJerma videos being "the anime". Sometimes 2ndJerma would be behind by entire arcs, like when the Vegas Arc was happening live, but 2ndJerma was still on the Escape From Boston Arc. Over time, Jerma and Mack realized there was way too many streams and not enough editors. Other editors have been hired to keep up with the massive output that Jerma has. These other editors were originally fan-made highlight channels of Jerma's Twitch content, like Mack before he got hired. Some of these editors include JackEdit and SuperDazza.

On December 9th, 2017, Jerma's chat began to riot because he didn't play the original Zoombinis. Jerma ignored his fans, as he had a God complex at the time, and began murdering his fans when they crawled up his tower with a broom. He even played pool with their skulls. Later, ten thousand of his fans broke into his office, stabbing him and tearing out his intestines as he tried to defend himself with said broom. He made eye contact with one of his fans, who was waving the flag of the Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, causing Jerma's life to flash before his eyes, realizing that he was wrong and that the Logical Journey of the Zoombinis was superior. He was then thrown from the tower, with one of his superpowered fans saving him with flight. He made a full recovery in the hospital.[1]

Jerma after slaughtering Santa in cold blood

On December 23rd, 2017, Jerma murdered Santa on stream by knocking his head off with a 2×4. Jerma is currently on the run from international authorities, and his whereabouts are unknown.

Jerma now streams out of an undisclosed location (Las Vegas, Nevada) as his pursuit by international authorities and mercenary groups continues, seeing as though killing Santa has put an extremely large bounty on his head. Despite his murder of Santa, Jerma still has an unending bloodlust and desire for bits, as well as terrible jokes.

On January 12th, 2018, Jerma sold his soul to the Devil to stream on Thursday. [2] It seems now that he has sold his soul to the minion of Demon Lord Zeraxos, and there is no true hope that Jerma will ever right his wrongs and be a force for good, ever again.

Jerma snapping the neck of the Compact Meme, killing it instantly

On February 1st, 2018, Jerma recorded a “Meme Funeral” to “honor” all of the memes that died during the Kill The Meme Stream. However, this was not an ordinary funeral—in fact, many likened it to a massacre. Jerma streamed himself murdering and throwing away his many beloved memes into a trash bag for the world to see, and now he is currently being targeted by the Meme Overlords for his senseless killings.

Jerma has hired an elite death squad using his endless amount of bits and Baldcoin with one goal in mind—to capture or kill anyone who attempts to resurrect these memes, in an attempt to completely destroy their history and identity. Countless people have died or have been kidnapped after the formation of Jerma's "Meme Police," or MP for short. Those captured are transported to a blacksite in Massachusetts, but its exact location and purpose are unknown. Gaining the attention of international authorities yet again, Jerma and his "Meme Police" have now been labeled "An International Terrorist Organization," and the capture or destruction of Jerma and his group is now a top priority across the world. [3]

Jerma smiling as he prepares to murder someone in cold blood for their use of banned memes

On February 17th, 2018, Jerma streamed himself playing multiple light gun games, taking pleasure in the death and carnage he caused in the virtual world. It is possible that Jerma streamed these light gun games to show his prowess with a gun, to scare off anyone who might want to use any banned memes or challenge his rule.

However, a peculiar twist of fate occurred on February 26th, 2018, when Jerma exclaimed on stream to the joy of thousands, "Memes are now allowed, you have overthrown the king!" It is uncertain whether or not this measure made by Jerma is temporary or permanent, or that the Meme Police will remain for other purposes or be dissolved, but it seems that Jerma has been defeated by Twitch Chat from their constant rebellious use of the once-banned memes.

During his stream of Monster Rancher 2 on March 17th, 2018, Jerma revealed that he has not left his streaming room in months and that he "gets fed through the window." While many simply claim that this is because he is in hiding from international authorities, some speculate that Jerma might have been trapped inside his streaming room before the incident with Santa. Some even say that Jerma is being held captive by some mysterious force and that the only way to escape from the streaming room is to adhere to what this strange force wants. Is the "real" Jerma being held captive and forced to do these horrible actions? And if so, who has captured him? Or is his reclusiveness simply a way for evil Jerma to hide from authorities? It looks like we might never know unless Jerma states it otherwise.

To evade law enforcement and to feed his crippling gambling addiction, Jerma moved to the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. To prevent custom agents from recognizing him and to save on money, Jerma took a hot balloon containing multiple other people and a month's supply of Caprese Sun and Velveeta. When he emerged in Las Vegas a month later, he was unshaven, malnourished and near-death, and had witnessed all of his friends he had met on the journey horribly die in combat.

On January 23rd, 2019, Jerma died live on stream, as predicted during his streaming of Pandemic a year prior. Chat was heartbroken, and watched his ghost struggle for several minutes before it managed to claw itself back into his body. Jerma is now a sentient zombie, and is only kept from rotting from a steady supply of Cheez-Its and Wine Coolers.

Local steamer goes NUTS

On February 24th, 2019, Jerma had a brief meltdown in chat, calling out GrillMasterXBBQ, yelling at his fans, and even JEBAITING them.

On September 21st, 2019, Jerma spent at least 20,000 dollars on an elaborate Carnival stream with help from AndyMark. Chat took control of various robots, abusing them to the point of breaking them, while Jerma gradually went insane and was dunked in a tank of ammonia piss water multiple times. He dabbed twice and sneezed once, on stream. He was eventually blown away by 300mph winds and was presumed dead, only to be rediscovered in Las Vegas, having been carried there by the winds.

During the bits reading segment of the Tony Hawk's Underground stream on January 31st, 2020, Jerma has revealed he procures the majority of his daily nutrients from pouches of baby food, which he proceeded to further demonstrate by consuming one on stream, all the while insisting they contain the nutrients of a 'full meal'. Considering Jerma's size (approx. one and a half gnomes in height), one may estimate that he is indeed fully satiated. It is unknown if he also wears a bib. On April 8th, 2020 in the Viewtiful Joe stream, Jerma confirmed that due to his miniature demeanor, he has been residing inside of a suitcase. It is believed that Jerma's specialized diet is specifically tailored to maintain his gnomish stature, allowing him to live nomadically in his suitcase.

While streaming Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Jerma made the grave mistake of showing his Funko Pop collection behind him on stream, immediately causing chat to decry him as a cringe normie Redditor, and causing the most anger in his fanbase since he murdered 30 innocent people 2 years prior. Jerma only dug himself deeper into the hole by admitting he did look on Reddit, but only sometimes. He was widely mocked for this, including on his subreddit.

Jerma had a somewhat short political career when he briefly ran for president as a third party candidate against republican Gandalf the Grey and democrat Homer Simpson. While Jerma had shown signs of genuine political prowess at the beginning of his campaign, he would eventually spiral downward. He would often imply that his opponents were uninformed and waste time during debates and never stated his own opinion. He was even known for smoking cigarettes during debates and even showed up to one seemingly oblivious to the fact that he wasn't wearing any pants. His political career would finally come to an end when he showed up to his last debate, shockingly, in a nice suit and well groomed hair. He began with an engaging speech that was able to capture the audience briefly, which ended quickly as Jerma ripped his clothes off and began speaking incoherently. Authorities responded immediately and violently arrested Jerma as he tried to fight back against the police. Jerma made a failed attempt to bribe the police officers by telling them "if you let me just open the door and fall out on the highway, pretending that I escaped, I will deposit 100 grand into both of your bank accounts." Jerma lost the election to Gandalf with 0 delegates and hasn't stepped foot into politics since.

In May of 2020, Jerma put a multi-week hiatus on streaming due to some medical problems that were hindering his ability to entertain while streaming. This included chronic pain in his chest and lower back, which was caused by a hernia that had gone under the radar for several years. While seeing doctors, he also caught a potential problem located in his prostate as well. He sought out treatment and the medical hiatus lasted until July 30, and in the meantime Jerma would play reruns of old streams on his Twitch channel. He had promised to play TF2 (Team Fortress Too) and League of Legends upon his return. Additionally, if Jerma eats enough french fries on stream he has agreed to cap off the stream by taking off all of his clothes and continue on to play Doki Doki Literature Club! for at least an hour.

After missing an incredibly easy shot in Noita, Jerma was left with a debt of several billion dollars, which he has attempted to pay off in various fashions to no avail.

On New Year's Eve of 2021, Jerma took a horrible bet. During the belated rumble stream, he made a bet after the main event wherein he would fight against a Catboy version of himself, with the condition that if he won, 1 billion would be taken off the debt, but if he lost, he would have to dress as a catboy for a day. He won the first round but went for double or nothing to get more off the debt and lost. Jerma is now obligated to dress as a catboy, and the world can only wait in fear.

Jerma angry that the pawn store won't buy his rocks

On March 6th 2021, Jerma starred in an "Archaeology Stream" where he hired an entire crew and geologist with the lie that this was "educational" and "for science". In truth, however, this was little more than a charade for Jerma to find Grandpa's Cheasure Trest and valuable rocks which he could sell for hard cash. This was done possibly to pay off his debt or just because he is a greedy greedster. Unfortunately, Jerma did not find a single valuable thing in the chest as it was filled with little more than worthless 90's memorabilia. He did discover a pack of sealed "Grotto Beasts" cards which led him to buy the Grotto Beasts company outright, considering the fact it was only valued at $350,000. He then brought on a scientist from the Nevada Scientist Center who helped him identify and break open geodes, hoping to turn his fortunes and actually find something of worth. Again though, this was a disaster, and the most valuable thing he found was a mock-up Minecraft diamond. Still optimistic that he would make some money to fill his pockets, he went to a pawn shop where he showcased off some of the various items he found. Every single one was valued at zero dollars and Jerma was scammed out of $49,998 after buying two rocks. He left in disgrace, ready to drown himself in Burger King.

Over the span of three days (August 18, 20, and the 21st 2021) Jerma had participated in the "Dollhouse Stream", an event sponsored by Coinbase and supported by Twitch where Jerma would live in a toy house and Twitch Chat would be able to choose the actions he takes as well as the clothing he wears and the objects within the house. The objects would be placed around the house by mysterious figures clad in black or as Jerma described them "Sleep Paralysis Demons". Why anyone would allow the Jermamites the responsibility of taking care of their personal needs is beyond reason, but then again Jerma is a psycho.

Jerma prepared to end the stream

On the first day[4] of the Dollhouse Stream, Jerma entered the house and was unsurprisingly tormented by chat. They would force him to do push ups until he passed out, throw objects on him so that he would be hurt, and made him get naked and shower in front of strangers. The primary reason stated was because Jerma decided to take off his hat and sassy glasses very early on, but considering the fact that even when he put them back on Chat was still cruel it's very likely that this was just an excuse to torment him. Jerma became understandably miserable and a gaggle of clowns came to cheer him up. While he initially had fun with the clowns, they started to annoy him by drinking his beer and putting their hands in his peanut butter. A power outage caused this situation to turn into a horror movie as the clowns started to become physically aggressive by putting whipped cream on pizza, forcing Jerma to hide in the shower before running to fix the fuse box. After the clowns were kicked out, Jerma checked his mail to receive a letter with news that his Uncle Ted had passed and that he had received $750 (which he initially misread as $500). Jerma seemed to show more interest and excitement in the cash, even going so far as to be annoyed on a phone call with his mother when she revealed that she had gotten more money than him. Chat then decided to block the front door with a poorly put together bed by the Sleep Paralysis Demons, forcing Jerma to hurt himself by climbing out the window before urinating on the fence and then sleeping outside. A house upgrade was purchased, causing the first day and "tutorial" to be over.

A 35 year old man is thrown out a window

On the second day[5] of the Dollhouse Stream, Jerma arrived wearing his signature white wife beater and a pair of Miserable Mikey gloves to show off a new bedroom addition to the house. Chat purchased "Uncle Ted's Set" for the house which included Uncle Ted's couch, table, and spoon collection. Uncle Ted then came over to the house, causing Jerma to be terrified as just a few days ago he was told that he was dead. Jerma called the Grim Reaper to promptly escort Ted from the house but the next day, Jerma would get a call telling him that Uncle Ted had died yesterday and that he would receive $2000 suggesting that Jerma had killed Uncle Ted by sicking Death on him. Jerma was visted by a kind, robotic sounding, older woman by the name of Edna who helped Jerma bake Pecan Sandies. Jerma was forced by chat to be flirtacious and dance with Edna despite his clear and overt resistance. While Edna was over, Jerma hired a Workout Instructor to do aerobics and afterwards was ripped off for $100. As the house was a mess, Jerma called a cleaning service and was greeted by the "Sexy Maid" Emilia who was not at all prepared to actually clean. In the night, a bear came to the front of the house and knocked over the trash can causing Jerma to be startled awake. Jerma went out to confront the bear and was horrifically mauled. After the mauling Jerma streamed on Twitch and passed out live, causing him to get a 1 day suspension because he did a sleep stream. Ludwig came over telling Jerma that he lives close by at "983 983 Dollhouse Drive" before playing a quick game of Battleship where Ludwig cheated his way to victory. During the game Jerma was called by a Car Warranty Scammer who had harrased him as well as Edna earlier, with Jerma desperately begging him to put him on the do not call list while knowing that they would probably call again because he answered the phone. Chat gave Jerma a stolen TV, which came in a completely broken state and was promptly confiscated by Sheriff Tony Andrews and a serial jaywalker. Jerma was able to get off without paying a fine because of his flirty comments to the policeman. Jerma that night had a nightmare with God in a clown car, a cowboy with a sword, the sleep paralysis demons, and an assortment of other neighbors who belittled him for shitting his pants in class when he was younger. When he woke up, Emilia came over to clean again and Jerma asked her out on a date for the next day to her excitement. Jerma was then suspended AGAIN for sleeping on stream before being confronted by a group of church goers at his front yard whom Jerma had to convince to leave by dancing for them. Despite Jerma having a date set with Emilia that night, he stood her up to sleep on the couch telling himself that they would understand. Rising early the next morning, Jerma decided to cook butter and eggs (his favorite) on the stove. Unfortunately a grease fire started, and Jerma desperately tried to put out the blaze. Failing miserably, the fire spread aided by the Sleep Paralysis demons and Jerma attempted vainly to defeat the fire with a super soaker. Eventually Jerma fought one of the Sleep Paralysis demons with hand to hand combat and was brutally thrown out the bedroom window, thus ending the second day.

Jerma was once a very influential and famous person, having his own wrestling company, police force, currency, and more. However, after the murder of Santa Claus and the genocide of hundreds of innocent memes, he has become an infamous and feared criminal.

During a lie detector test, the current Jerma985 revealed himself to be another from "at least 3" Jermas, and not the original Jerma. The current status and whereabouts of the real, original Jerma985 are unknown, but rumor has it he joined a circus in France and has since had a very successful career. Jerma's net worth is now over $102,650,332,250 and continues to grow amidst owing chat a sum of $4,549,301,430 for making what many agree was "an astronomically easy bet to lose." The only known methods to clear this debt involve making deals with required actions to earn their reward, ranging from simple to absurd and near-impossible odds. As Jerma's self-confidence is tested and consistently misjudged, the chances of escaping this insurmountable burden lessen by the day.

Jerma Wrestling Federation

Jerma is the owner and sole proprietor of the Jerma Wrestling Federation, a global wrestling federation where celebrities, mythical beasts, criminals, and freaks of nature duke it out for cash and glory. He often participates in the events himself as well.

The Jerma Rumble

Jerma's first appearance

Jerma was present in the first-ever Jerma Rumble, where he was the second-last wrestler to enter the ring. He rigged it this way so that he would have a better chance to be the winner. He eliminated Grandpa, Byeah #419, and finally Glue Man to win the event and become the champion. This was the beginning of a heated rivalry between Jerma and Glue Man.

Jerma Rumble 2

Jerma was also present for Jerma Rumble 2. He rigged it so that he would be a later entrant again, but Santa Claus realized this and targeted him, quickly eliminating him before he could do anything. The crazed streamer threw a hissy-fit because of this, running to the venue's parking lot and smashing Glue Man's head through a car window in rage. He was restrained by security, but the damage had been done.

Jermania 2014

Jerma at the first Jermania

As the champion of the first Jerma Rumble, Jerma had the honor of giving the opening remarks for Jermania 2014. He got into the ring to hype up the crowd for his upcoming championship match against Cap'n Crunch, the winner of Jerma Rumble 2. However, he was interrupted by Glue Man striding into the ring. Glue Man announced that Jerma was going to be facing him in the championship match instead, so he could get back at him for the brutal, unprovoked attack earlier that year. Jerma would learn later that he would be facing Glue Man because Cap'n Crunch was mysteriously absent.

When the time for the championship ladder match began, Jerma and Glue Man were ruthlessly at each other's throats. However, their match was interrupted by Cap'n Crunch, who came dancing and singing through the crowd towards the ring. Cap'n Crunch then defeated both Jerma and Glue Man, retrieving the briefcase and becoming the true Jermania 2014 champion.

The Rumble House

Jerma was one of the wrestlers involved in the reality show spin-off, The Rumble House. When they went out to the bar together he spilled his drink on Glue Man's chest after a heated argument. However, in the end, it was Glue Man who managed to attract the most attention and seemed to have the most fun. Maybe it's better to be loved than it is to be feared. Jerma realized this, and it made him consider changing his ways.

Jerma Rumble 3

Jerma appears slimmer than before

After his time in the Rumble House and his sound defeat at the hands of Cap'n Crunch, Jerma was humbled and became less of an asshole. He didn't rig his position in Jerma Rumble 3, but also had stopped working out, appearing much less muscular at this event. This ultimately cost him, as he had the technique but lacked the strength to fight the beastly Gabe Newell, who was frustrated that he kept being snuffed for victory, and was eliminated by him.

Jerma Rumble - Live Action

Jerma was one of the earlier wrestlers to enter the ring in Jerma Rumble - Live Action. He apparently really let himself go after Jerma Rumble 3, this time appearing with a bulbous belly like an egg or something. He engaged in a test of strength with Jay Buffet, which was interrupted by Burgah Boy.

Jerma is burned alive by Zeraxos

Jerma was then eliminated by his rival Glue Man, who choke-slammed him out of the ring and onto a table of fruit at ringside, knocking him unconscious in the process. Later, Demon Lord Zeraxos appeared enraged in the venue to find Jerma. Discovering him unconscious on the broken fruit table, Zeraxos threw a shitty CG fireball at him that burned him alive and turned him into a skeleton.

Jermania - Stream Edition

Jerma eventually recovered from being incinerated by Zeraxos' magic. In Jermania - Stream Edition he reappeared to give the opening remarks, having regained all of his flesh. You could tell by his weird face that he was still a recovering burn victim though.

Jerma later appeared in a grudge match against Glue Man, which was a back-alley brawl in the garage. Their rivalry boiled over before the cameras could get to them, jumping right in. Eventually, Glue Man ended the fight with a spinning headlock drop onto the concrete floor, which put Jerma out of commission and won Glue Man the match by knockout.

Jerma was also present for the Rumble portion of the event, after recovering from his defeat by Glue Man. However, he was quickly eliminated by the savage Dr. Oetker, hardly staying even 30 seconds in the ring. Fortunately, Jerma got another shot at glory after the mysterious time reset. In the second Rumble he was one of the first two wrestlers in the ring alongside the VR Guy. He eliminated the VR Guy but was soon eliminated himself by Glue Man and Lorag together.

Jermania 2017

Jerma with his flesh and fat back

Jerma gave the opening remarks for Jermania 2017, showing he had regained all of his belly fat from the Jerma Rumble - Live Action. He would next appear in the Rumble segment, where he eliminated Earl Vump and the Gorilla. Excited by his first winning streak in a while, Jerma climbed to the top turnbuckle to perform a flying elbow-drop on the downed Etalyx. However, Jerma accidentally hit the canvas so hard that the fabric of time was torn asunder, and time was reset.

Jerma reappeared for the new Rumble after the time reset. He eliminated Dr. Mosquito and was doing well, but the commentator and the other wrestlers were afraid he would cause another time reset if left unchecked. Once Twitch Chat entered the ring it made a beeline straight for Jerma, quickly eliminating him to keep the Rumble safe.

Jermania - Late Edition

Jerma was present for the first match of Jermania - Late Edition, which was an extreme rules grudge match between him and Pinwheel, the incredibly easy boss who he may or may not have lost to. He appeared noticeably older this year, his aging likely advanced by his recent flesh regeneration. The elderly Jerma managed to defeat Pinwheel, finally silencing the rumors of his failure.

Unlike past years, Jerma had to refrain from participating in the Rumble due to his old age. However, when the Green Screen easily crushed the competition and won the Rumble, Jerma called for a redo out of spite. Unfortunately for Jerma, the Green Screen did not tolerate this and used his powers to reset time back to when he was the winner of the Rumble.

Jerma confronts the Green Screen

Jerma, enraged, confronted the Green Screen backstage and threatened him for tampering with the event, but the Green Screen easily overpowered him and left him crumpled on the ground. The wounded Jerma called upon his stronger doppelgänger JEX to fight the Green Screen, but even JEX wasn't strong enough to beat him. Luckily, JEX worked with Adam Sandler and the other members of the Elbertson family to transform into Super JEX and eventually defeat the Green Screen, saving Jermania.

Jermania 2020

In Jerma's appearance at Jermania 2020, he wore a full-body cast due to his medical conditions (referencing the hiatus that took place in the summer of 2020). He entered the first Rumble relatively early on, but Pac-Man had mercy and gently eliminated Jerma as soon as possible in order to keep him out of harm's way. This was likely a smart move, because he didn't receive such mercy in the encore Rumble. During this event, B. F. Bugleberry smashed Jerma right in the chest where he hurts most, driving the miniscule streamer into a rage. This berserker-like bloodlust allowed him to quickly eliminate Bugleberry, as well as Chuck E. Cheese and the Pasta Italiano Chef. He was then finally eliminated by Bean Bag Sonic.

However, this was not the end for Jerma. After Juggles had been crowned the champion of Jermania 2020, two wager matches were held that pitted Jerma against his Catboy Jerma alter-ego. If he was able to defeat Catboy Jerma both times, the entire $2.5 Billion Debt would be forgiven - if he were to lose, however, he would have to become Catboy Jerma himself on stream at some point. While Jerma was able to win the first round, he was defeated in the second, condemning him to the fate of a catboy for an unforeseen stream in the future.

Jermaverse Deaths

Jerma has died multiple times. Due to his status as an immortal, he can recover from each death fairly quickly.

  • August 25th, 2015 Jerma was tragically killed when he fell down some stairs while attempting to store a stockpile of weapons in his basement. Jerma's personal Assistant was the only witness to this incident. Authorities suspect foul play on behalf of the Assistant, who was known to have been mistreated by Jerma. The Assistant has been acquitted due to a lack of evidence.
  • On September 8th, 2015, Jerma used a neurostory electro-dump to catch up on the story of the Metal Gear series to get ready for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. He purchased the device on the deep web. Due to the dodgy nature of the disk, the information loader was improperly calibrated, causing a cardiac arrest on Jeremy's third use of the device. An ambulance and fire truck quickly arrived at his old house, and he seemed to return from the dead shortly afterward.
  • On October 10th, 2015 Jeremy was playing with his Wonderbook and brewing potions when he sampled his own potion. The potion was "pretty tasty," as he so profoundly put it. Minutes later, first responders rushed to the scene to find him dead. By some miracle of God, Jerma has made a full recovery. He hasn't made a Wonderbook video since.
  • On March 21st, 2016 Jerma was streaming Overwatch when suddenly he felt an overwhelming sense of dread. Moments later, Ster (who was hiding behind the curtains) snuck up behind Jerma, and after a short struggle, Ster stole Jerma's hat, saying "I'm you now." Jerma died. At that point the camera footage was frozen, but it later returned to Ster pretending to be Jerma.
  • On August 29th, 2016 Jerma died in Jerma Rumble - Live-Action after being thrown on a table by Glue Man and burned by a "shitty CG fireball" cast by Demon Lord Zeraxos. The only thing left of Jerma after this incident was his skeleton that had at least one broken bone. His death was filmed on 4 different cameras for the viewing pleasure of his audience. He would later recover all of his flesh.
  • On June 12th, 2018 Jerma on stream confirmed that he got too excited over Nioh 2's announcement and died. The cause of death was said to be four heart attacks in a row. Jerma was then replaced by Jerma to continue his legacy.
  • On September 20th, 2018, authorities arrived on the scene Thursday to find Jerma (Jeremy “Nine-hundred eighty-five” Elbertson, 32) dead on the scene. Medical experts say he died from natural causes after being pinned under a CRT television weighing only 35 pounds. It appears his small frame rendered him incapable of lifting it to save himself. Further documentation can be found here and here.
  • As of January 23rd, 2019 at precisely 7:43 PM, Jerma has passed away from various diseases, diabetes, dementia, and STDs. He was a wandering spirit during Bio Inc. Redemption. As of 7:48 PM EST, Jerma has been revived.
  • On December 15th, 2019, King Jerma CMLXXXV of Jermalonia died of old age at 108, surviving multiple murder attempts and server crashes. He is to be succeeded by his son, King Jerma CMLXXXV the 2nd.
  • On August 21st, 2021, Jerma was prompted by Chat to swim in the Dollhouse pool until they later decided to remove the ladder of the pool, effectively rendering the pool inescapable. Jerma soon drowned and met face to face with the Grim Reaper. Jerma attempt to flirt with him and "Tried for baby with the Grim Reaper". The Woohoo was soon interrupted when Emilia (Later known as Ludwig) found out about the affair, making Death himself run away in shame.

Personality & Traits

Jerma is very self-conscious about his appearance and height, to the point where he was quite relieved for the Tiny Jerma meme to be banned, even personally executing him in the Meme Massacre.

Jerma's slightly insecure about his height and face, but he's actually not that short: just shorter than most adults are. He has freely made jokes about his looks and height but grew tired when chat regurgitated identical jokes repeatedly, so he put a stop to it eventually in 2018 and 2019 since it became such a huge meme that trolls would harass and stalk Jerma with it over and over.

According to the Flash Games stream, he connects with Ms. Puff in that he "desperately searches for love, wants to strangle people, and has constant outbursts of pure rage." He considers himself to be "disciplined emotional" on the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) alignment chart.

He has an addiction to gambling, arcade games, and fart noises (scripted fart noises only).

Jerma rarely uses social media. He has directly given 2 reasons for this. First reason: When he's not streaming, it's his "me time". When his job is to be online, he doesn't want to spend his free time continuing to be online. This insinuates that he has a life, but that is purely speculation. Second reason: If he can say something funny on social media, he'll just say it on stream. Jerma has stated that his Twitter is just full of drafts that he's saved and then just said on stream. Every time he thinks of something to tweet, he just saves it as a draft.

However, he does use Twitter when he does something that he wouldn't be able to do on stream. Examples include: alerting when he's streaming, replying to a mutual creator, his satanic Thanksgiving message, and serious things he wants to talk about outside of his streams. He does use his Discord channel for communicating with people off stream. From secondary sources, he has been speculated to lurk on the Jerma985 subreddit, and even has an account he uses to post updates that would be too long to post on Twitter.

Descent into Villainy

Jerma's severely evil and smug grin

In the beginning, Jerma showed many signs of being thoughtful, compassionate, and a loving human being.

He worked at animal shelters, participated in charities, and created many characters in the Jerma Universe which he loved dearly. However, once Jerma started streaming on Twitch, something changed in him. At first it was a very small change, where he would make occasional threats and insults to his chat, but most of the time he seemed mentally and emotionally stable, just like the old Jerma on YouTube. But he soon began to degrade rapidly on a mental and moral level. It seemed he had grown to hate his chat, hate many of the games he played, hate many of his memes, and began became increasingly greedy for bits. He started having frequent mental breakdowns on stream, where he would throw insults and scream at the top of his lungs for just the smallest things, such as problems running and streaming a video game.

Just when things looked the worst for Jerma, and that he had fallen to his lowest point, he managed to fall even deeper into madness and pure malice. He began to have an insatiable thirst for blood, killing Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) and many of the memes he had created and used to seem to love as well as capturing or killing ANY of his viewers who use these killed memes. On one occasion, Jerma took an entire diner hostage in search of a supposed safe with valuables, but upon being told there were none, he killed half the hostages. As police were attempting to negotiate his surrender, Jerma executed the remaining hostages with a baseball bat, to which the police attempted to storm the diner, but were killed in the ensuing gunfight. Jerma has somehow evaded facing justice for his massacre at the diner ever since that day. While it seems that Jerma's bloodshed has been temporarily halted after he was defeated by Twitch Chat and was subsequently forced to revive the dead memes, Jerma's endless quest for carnage cannot be stopped.

Even after being forced to renounce his crimes due to Chat's actions, Jerma's tirades of cruelty have not ceased. During the Carnival Stream, he stole nearly 100 dollars from charity, and refused to save the seal, even as chat desperately begged him to do so. He became a brutal tyrant (in Minecraft), murdering dozens of babies for begging for tiny morsels of food. In a display of sheer authoritarian despotism, he sentenced the wrongly-accused John Comcast to death, and when he discovered his innocence, forced him to fight to the death with the true culprit regardless.

Jerma falling so far and so quickly is a topic of debate, as no one has any real clue as to what happened. Many theorize that his dealings with Demon Lord Zeraxos corrupted him and his subsequent clones, morally and psychologically, while others speculate that this Jerma is actually an evil clone of Grandpa or the last surviving subject from a batch of flawed Jerma clones who have killed or kidnapped the normal Jerma clone. Evidence of the "evil Jerma is a flawed clone" theory is his very long and curly "Gary Oldman" hair, whereas the original clone Jerma had very compact hair. No matter how many theories are created, however, one thing is most certainly clear—Jerma is no longer the same kind and fun-loving person we once knew.

Jerma in December of 2016

As of 11/08/2020, he lost a bet for 500 million twitch gift subscriptions in the 2D platformer Roguelike game Noita, in which he had to hit an enemy with the very next shot he did with his wand. Since his loss, he has tried many different ways of dissuading and cancelling the payment of the bet, which amounted for 2.5 billion dollars, like inventing 'Jerma Funny Land', where dollars are valued as a 'tenth of a quarter of a quarter of a tenth of a quarter of a frog in a log at the bottom of the sea', to which he incorrectly calculated as fifty community subs.

He has also attempted other methods of gaslighting such as trying to call off the bet, double or nothing it(to which he also lost, but called off immediately). While he has paid 75 subs off the debt, he still owns a big dividend. At the moment he claims that that was a 'funny joke fake gambling' and 'not official', but more than eight thousand viewers are witnesses and the clips are still up, he is also trying to discuss the incessantly with chat, most of the propositions are of insignificant value compared to the amount he betted.

During the Archaeology Stream, Jerma opened up Grandpa's secret chest and read his note. Grandpa assumed that another member of his family "Danny" would be the one to discover his treasure. After finished reading, Jerma mocked Danny and asked "What happened to him?" before looking at the cameraman with a sense of discomfort. This lead many chat members to theorize that it was Jerma who killed Danny in order to gain Grandpa's valuables, which considering his past as a murderous sociopath is not at all surprising.

The Many Jermas

Jerma in October of 2017

During his polygraph stream on June 3rd, 2018, under the supervision of Dr. Shmoixen, the current Jerma at that time revealed himself as not the original Jerma, but instead as one of multiple different clones. This is perhaps an explanation for his increasingly psychotic and deteriorating mental state, as well as extreme physical transformations. However, it is difficult to pinpoint where in the timeline the original Jerma was discarded and the clone(s) took over. Circumstantial evidence points to periods in 2016 and 2017 where this swap may have occurred, which was coincidentally when he transitioned to Twitch streaming full-time. As imperfect copies, these clones of Jerma can adequately imitate the original for only short periods of time before they become disheveled and unstable.

It can be assumed that the first clone was performing admirably until sometime in 2017, where the stress finally became too much to bear. As a result, psychotic episodes began to occur more and more frequently, revealing the true level of megalomania that became the defining characteristic of this second Jerma. His decapitation of Santa in December of 2017 was the boiling point of a malevolence that had been building for the better half of a year, as his own physical features warped to accommodate this new persona.

Jerma in April of 2018

This new Jerma was defined by a maniacal stare, an unchecked bloodlust, and an intense hatred for chat memes. His reign of terror was finally ended on October 25th, 2018, when the move to Las Vegas, along with an appearance from Odd Michael and Elvis Presley, replaced the broken clone with a clean-shaven and significantly more awkward clone version of Jerma. It remains unclear whether the current Jerma is still this second clone. Cracks have once again begun to appear in the psyche of this Jerma, including the reveal of a cold, vicious demeanor that became apparent during streams of Blades and Sorcery in 2019.

Powers & Abilities

Jerma is an incredibly powerful being. He is the center of the Jermaverse, and all events which happen therein are tied to his existence. He is immortal to some extent, as previously stated, and the whole Jermaverse is even named after him. He is an incredibly wealthy individual, holding ownership of the lucrative Jerma Wrestling Federation and also being a Top 1000 Twitch streamer. His influence knows no bounds.

Jerma is also a capable combatant. He often fights in the Jerma Wrestling Federation himself and has a fairly impressive track record. He is capable of going toe-to-toe with impressive combatants such as Glue Man and Jay Buffet. In a full sprint, he can achieve speeds of up to 90 mph (~140 kmh).[6] He was even the victor of the first-ever Jerma Rumble, though this may have had something to do with his influence as the event manager. However, he is not completely undefeatable in battle, as he has lost every other Jerma Wrestling event since then. He also didn't stand a chance against deities such as Demon Lord Zeraxos and the Green Screen, showing that there is indeed a limit to his strength.

He has also been seen performing an All-Out Attack on his own, which is impressive because it typically requires two or more people. The only explanation for this is because he's eaten so many souls, he now counts as multiple indviduals.

He is also a magician to some extent, able to perform supernatural feats of magical might. Some of these feats include anti-wasp pyrokinesis, creating a doppelgänger of himself to wrestle against on stream, and all the spells and potions he was taught by the arcane Wonderbooks.

Memorable Quotes

  • "LOOGAME!"
  • "Its not eat my ass."
  • "I get good dental yeah. I get - I get real good dental at my job. (DING!)"
  • "IT'S OVER!"
  • "Spiders and lobsters are crabs."
  • "LIFE IS PAIN, I HATE MYSELF!" (cut off before 'myself')
  • "How about you suck a fart outta my ass?"
  • "Ain't no friend of me."
  • "ABC, EFG, HIJ, KLM, OP, QRS."
  • "That's where I say ABCDEFG."
  • "You know, d-don't say sw-swears."
  • "Presto Majesto!"
  • "The Death Star blew up what planet?"
  • "You see that 150?"
  • "Vroom Vroom!"
  • "Brush your teeth if you wanna not go to fuckin' jail, kids."
  • "Try Thunder for a clean machine YOU FUCKIN' WANKER!"
  • "They're holding me hostage and making me film these commercials fuckin'—"
  • "Kickshots, it's a way of mind."
  • "Try thunder for a clean machine! Vroom Vroom!"
  • "I'm gonna go fucking fishing."
  • "It's back to the drawing board."
  • "Your advice is for the fucking birds."
  • "Come here CUPCAKE."
  • "Might be gettin' some CHEETOS, might be gettin' some COFFEE."
  • "Stop talkin' about coffee, cheetos, 'n' chicken."
  • "Coffee, Cheetos, Chicken!"
  • "What, did you comb your hair with a Snickers bar?"
  • "Yo, Merry Christmas."
  • "Let's get some ROCK music in here!"
  • "Oh, I use it too! It makes my hair feel like SHIT."
  • "The sentry mosquitoes!"
  • "SLAAAAM Dunk!"
  • "Tyko RC is about to charge up his batteries for his race car. And have the battery only last 15 minutes for like a 6-minute charge."
  • "Go until you lose. Albert Einstein. Nonono, fuck that. I said that."
  • "Just cut it up."
  • "Alright, now do me a favor, Garry. Fa-Freeze!"
  • "Byeah!"
  • "Protect me, my Byeahs!"
  • "You made the mistake to not join the friend team, didn't you?"
  • "I can feel this piss filling up in my esophagus right now."
  • "I'd like some bewwies, bewwies, bewwies!"
  • "Boost, Bonk, Bam!"
  • "You see that headshot, you see that headshot! Make it 2 in a row! Make it 3 in a row!"
  • "Get that headshot girl you gotta play, Team Fortress 2 is on its way."
  • "Got Star in the call and he's playin' Ten Million, what is he doing that for?"
  • "I will protect the baby Shpees at all costs, I'm gonna go Heavy and no matter what I WILL PROTEC—he's dead."
  • "Oh wow, Sh-shpy, that was fantastic, I really love you! SHPEE!"
  • "Jeruto!"
  • "Is that a police car or is that a bird? Like a Chickadee?"
  • "Berry Bush"
  • "Hey, happy fuckin' New Year."
  • "And not really this side but THIS SIDE."
  • "What's in the crate?"
  • "Oh my god it IS Tactical Intervention."
  • "Jerma vs Star, Jerma vs Star, everybody wants to see this happen! Jerma vs Star!"
  • "I'm seriously gonna go sit down on the toilet and piss up into my face."
  • "That was before the plague hit."
  • "Tastes like poison."
  • vehement wheezing
  • "I'm not tiny, I'm compact!"
  • "Suck a fart outta my ass."
  • "First time trying this"
  • "That's how you blow up a sheep."
  • "We're goin' under the bridge."
  • "Oh, my fucking Jesus!"
  • "Just got a Selfie Stick."
  • "Hwup."
  • "I'm sorry that you're getting banned."
  • "Hey stop Ban Evading and just leave, Nate."
  • "Skittles is the milk of candy."
  • "You get that milk taste in your mouth, you get the thick milk taste. Doesn't go away for like four days."
  • "Don't ever cut me off again by the way."
  • "Ayaya ayaya ayaya!" (He apologized soon after saying this)
  • "You're gonna get blasted in the face, teacher."
  • "Yo, I can feel it in the air tonight."
  • "That's right. You got a problem?"
  • "Tonight's homework is pages—"
  • "I DON'T CARE, Etalyx."
  • "Just because a game isn't new, doesn't mean it's bad."
  • "Remember Ghosts? That was a great fucking game, wasn't it?"
  • "Advanced Warfare 2 was fun for 4 hours, wasn't it guys?"
  • "You want me to play COD?"
  • "You want me to play Star Wars Battlefront?"
  • "Fucking shitcock."
  • "I've never said yeet before in my whole life."
  • "Yeet."
  • "Happy fucking birthday guys."
  • "GRIBS!"
  • "Almost just botched that one."
  • "Why are there Silent Hill sounds?"
  • "Say waifu."
  • "Hurry up do something funny, clown idiot streamer."
  • "Dude, this is hell."
  • "Cheapskate asshole."
  • "Oh my god, I'm gonna pee my pants I don't care if it's on stream."
  • "It was just a first— mmmmmnnn."
  • "I fucked myself from the very beginning."
  • "First Persian."
  • "If you're good at something, never do it for free."
  • "Maybe you can get some firearms training."
  • "Fweee."
  • "Rats Rats Rats Motherfucker."
  • "I wouldn't be able to count."
  • "That was the wrong button. This is the right one."
  • "Whoops-a-daisy."
  • "Alright, we're in D1 here."
  • "This is D1."
  • "Uh, you know, well, the dinosaurs were around and then the whole earth turned into a ICE CUBE FOR A MILLION YEARS."
  • "Everything Burns scene!"
  • "Why do you want me to see this?"
  • "No, I'm not gonna watch us all get vaporized."
  • "I'm just figuring out why th-that was something we had to see."
  • "W-wait go to the actual part?"
  • "Hello there, how's your mother!"
  • "How's your father?"
  • "The story of my life."
  • "WHERE AM I?!"
  • "This is the gun I wanna use."
  • "What the fuck is that? What is that?"
  • "You fuckin' nine year old."
  • "DiamondsAreForeverLOLcheeseburgah."
  • "What are we ready for, Jeremy?"
  • "That's something I didn't know when I use to live stream this game."
  • "I used to stream this game?"
  • "I don't need to do anything. I don't need to do anything."
  • "Hey, Half-Life 2 is stupid!"
  • "Don't haha me on my own stream."
  • "If I see haha over the course of my streaming for the next 6 years, I'll stop streaming."
  • "His heart made of WHA—?"
  • "Do you eat ass?"
  • "GAS"
  • "Mist hoeeee wow!"
  • "Good luck, you look like a shoe."
  • "Thank god I'm smart."
  • "It's Goofy! From McDonald's!"
  • "Let's put cigarettes out on my dick!"
  • "Holy shit in my fucking diaper."
  • "I'm gonna soil my diaper. I'm a baby. I soiled my baby diaper."
  • "BIG WOW."
  • "You can call me Mean Gene Okerlund."
  • "What a god of a gamer."
  • "What is this, Stretch Armstrong in a fucking taffy factory?"
  • "Is it some kind of currency thing?"
  • "What's [my] favorite flavor of gunpowder? Uh, blue raspberry."
  • "Is it like a currency thing?"
  • "THE GIANT ENEMY SPIDER!" (proceeds to beatbox)
  • "Am I the porn?"
  • "I have a huge ass, it's fucking gigantic and I've come to terms with it."
  • "I pogged so hard, I broke my jaw."
  • "I'll never get away from the penis people."
  • "Smarties are great up your urethra."
  • "Welcome to Penis, U.S.A."
  • "I eat my OWN ass"
  • "You thought you could make it out alive Mr. Bond...Not on my terms-"


Jerma IRL & illustrations

Jerma Wrestling Federation


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Real Facts

  • Jerma has dabbled in voice acting in his past, even having a profile on Voice123 AND appearing in multiple small projects:
    1. Apotheon as Hipparchos.[7]
    2. Galactic Phantasy: Prelude as Matt.[8]
    3. Cryptark as the Engineer.[9]
    4. Salty Swamp by Blordow as multiple characters (and a co-writer).
    5. He was offered the opportunity to redo the voices in Fist Full of Frags at one point, but choose not to.
  • Jerma has a striking similarity to TF2's Scout, even cosplaying as him in "2000 Subs Extravaganza!"
    • Scout's canonical name is "Jeremy" and he is also from Boston, just like Jerma.
    • The voice actor of Scout has done collabs on Jerma985's Twitch and YouTube channels before, possibly due to this similar name.
    • Scout's real name, "Jeremy" is actually named after Jerma! (Confirmed by Valve News Network)
  • Jerma has played the Team Fortress series ever since Team Fortress Classic when he was 19.
  • Jerma985's most-viewed YouTube video is currently "Grab That Auto 5," while 2ndJerma's most viewed video is "Jerma Sells Out."
  • Jerma can play the drums. This is part of why he's so good at beatboxing.
  • Jerma's favorite color is blue/teal.
  • Jerma's favorite Muppet is Gonzo.
  • Jerma's favorite fruit is kiwis, and his second-favorite fruit is pineapple.
  • Jerma's real last name is "Harrington," but he prefers to go by "Elbertson" as a joke and for privacy.
  • Jerma's favorite game of all time is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
  • The first video game Jerma ever played was Super Mario Bros. on the NES.
  • Jerma's favorite band is Gorillaz. His other favorite bands include Beck and Iron Maiden.
  • Jerma's favorite song is "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire.
  • Jerma has admitted to having a 'huge ass'.
  • Jerma's favorite type of chips are baked lays.
  • Jerma's favorite plant is a sunflower.
  • Jerma's favorite video he made on the main channel was "The Photos Are In!"
  • Jerma's favorite video game character is Pac-Man.
  • Jerma's Xbox Profile is called "TendedDragoon74." It was the first name that Xbox randomly generated when Jerma was asked to choose a name while creating the profile. He accepted the name because he did not care about it, but now he believes it sucks.
  • Jerma's never seen Up or Ratatouille.
  • Jerma is the cousin of the author of Homestuck, Howie Mandel.
  • His favorite slot machine is Where's The Gold, according to the Noita stream.
  • Jerma is really slow when it comes to reading manual clocks as shown in the SAW-Streams.
  • Jerma's height is a target point for jokes: He has stated in The Official Podcast that he is in fact 5 ft 7 in and a quarter and that he is 5 ft 8 in with shoes on.[10]
  • Jerma's favorite fast food restaurant is Shake Shack.
  • Jerma has ADHD


  • Jerma knows what Double Dare and bicycles are.
  • Jerma's favorite games are:
    • Team Fortress 2
    • Pac-Man
    • Sonic series
    • Dark Souls series
    • Fallout New Vegas
    • Resident Evil series
    • Rhythm games (he even brags about them, take a pick)
    • Call of Juarez series
    • Doom 93'
  • Jerma had a dream of him going under his bed to count his stash of $50,000. That morning he woke up wondering where was his $50,000, so he looked under his bed but it wasn't there.
  • Jerma has stated that he is of "average height" (5'8"), though admits he is 'compact'.
  • Jerma was 'allegedly' an employee at id Software and came up with the concept for the game DOOM.
  • Jerma has a burning hatred for the ABBA song "Dancing Queen," citing it as the "worst song of the '90s."
  • As a self-proclaimed Las Vegan, Jerma does not like raw steak.
  • Jerma really enjoys banana milk and prefers to store it in his expensive Louis Vuitton bag.
  • Jerma is afraid of instruments, especially the acoustic guitar, which he has said that "those strings were so tight... that they might snap and hurt [his roommates]. I would get up and leave."
  • Jerma is very fond of frogs, toads, and rats, but has a distinct hatred for mice.
  • Jerma hates tables, Comcast, salt and vinegar chips, ovens, packing tape, and newspaper.
  • Jerma stated that he once had a dream where he found Donald Trump resembling that of a fetus on the floor. Jerma, being the loving caretaker he is, scooped him off the ground and nestled him into his arms as Trump continued to squeal. He later stated that there is no possible explanation or meaning behind this dream.
  • Jerma is scared of blowing balloons until they pop. He is also scared of pulling rubber bands until they snap, opening champagne bottles, and airhorns.
  • Jerma has said that listening to bags of popcorn in the microwave causes him anxiety, as he is afraid they're going to explode.
  • Jerma thinks that 6 is a cool number.
  • Jerma is running for president of the United States of America in 2075.[11]
  • Jerma was featured in a SourceStuff issue.[12]
  • Jerma's IQ was 126 when he was 14, and 124 when he was in college. He states that he is "losing brain cells" on a rapid level.
  • Jerma's social security number is [[1]], as he was the first person to ever get one.
  • Jerma has a secret fondness for taking pictures of himself naked in the forest.
  • Jerma's Netflix password is 211hamburgerdickdoubledonionring.
  • Half of Jerma's family is Catholic and the other half is Jewish.
  • Jerma has the brain of an elephant.
  • In high school, Jerma was known as #33 by his friends. Principal MacGruber called him #31 and #29. He was NEVER known as #27. He was also picked on for being short, so he developed comedy as a defense mechanism.
  • On September 11, 2018 during a Spider-Man stream, Jerma announced that he sleeps with his socks on, much to the dismay of Twitch Chat.
    • It is strongly suspected that Jerma also eats cigarettes in his sleep.
  • Jerma also owns a Sega Dreamcast, which IS alive because "it's thinking."
  • When Jerma was a kid, he wanted a General Grievous figure at Disney world, so he went into one of the 5,000 gift shops and asked a cashier, but both cashiers had no idea what he was talking about until one of them mentioned the prequels, and Jerma quickly said: "Yeah the prequel movies." He never got the Grievous figure.
  • Jerma's phone is worth $640,000 dollars.
  • Despite only being in his 30s, Jerma is considered a "Boomer" by Twitch Chat, thus confirming that Jeremy is indeed of the baby boomer generation.
  • During the Celeste Stream, a user asked if he still used his Steam Community, he said no because "I have nothing to say about that."
  • When Jerma reacted to Jermacraft Episode One, he claimed he was nine years old in 2011 even though he was born in 1985 and he was 9 years old in 1994. If he claims he was nine years old in 2011 and was born in 1985, then the only logical explanation is that he time traveled.
  • In the stream "Crazy Taxi Cooldown !shirts" it was revealed that his shoulder-devil smashed his shoulder-angel's head like a watermelon, and proceed to hire a "pretend angel" controlled by the devil. The devil convinced Jerma to play Crazy Taxi to calm down after playing Space Channel 5.
  • While Twitch Chat was waiting for Jerma on February 6th, 2019, Jerma started talking shit about Machinima and YouTube in chat, saying how YouTube and its copyright sucks, and about how Machinima did horrible things to Jerma when he was working with them.
  • Jerma once sued STAR_ and won. Jerma appeared in court dressed in a chicken costume with a suit underneath.
  • Jerma has said he only watches one anime per year. He frequently references My Hero Academia and Fullmetal Alchemist. In the video "Jerma985's Generic Indeterminable Quiz Show Spooktacular," Jerma correctly answers a particularly tough question relating to Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and goes on to state it is one of his "favorite animes ever" due to relating to the protagonist Edward Elric's struggle of being highly compact.
  • Jerma's inner conscience is a ferocious yeti attempting to escape.
  • Jerma has the veiniest hands in the world.
  • Jerma's peepee is 12 inches as confirmed on his polygraph stream.
  • During the bits portion of his Planet Zoo stream, Jerma gloated that he spends 40% of his income earned from streaming playing slot machines at the Las Vegas Strip.
  • Jerma potentially inherited immortality from Grandpa, dying multiple times during his videos ("Neurostory Electro-Dump," "The Book of Potions," "Turbo Dismount," "January 23 2019" etc.). Another explanation for him dying multiple times was given by Jerma himself, saying that there are at least 985 Jerma clones all made for a specific purpose (e.g Rumble Jerma, streaming Jerma, etc...)
  • Jerma loves the soft flesh of the Macintosh apples, but in general hates eating apples.
    • He utilizes his bottom teeth primarily to eat non-Macintosh apples.
  • Jerma stole his XBox360 from David, but refuses to admit it.
  • Jerma was born with an extra pair of hands.
  • In his high school PE class, Jeremy once ran the mile in approximately 7 minutes. Following this, he promptly threw up behind a tree. This was becuase of testicular tortion that his PE teacher did not believe he had. His PE teacher decided to put him in a wheelchair and take him to the nurse's office.
  • Jerma was part of the USA Olympics Team as Jerma Matthew Kennedy.
  • Jerma has stated that he is "not even from this world." The implications of this are unknown.
  • Jerma is the first documented streamer to be physically assaulted by Twitch chat through his Carnival stream.
  • Whenever Jerma is late to a stream, there is a 75% chance it is because he is in the middle of defecating.
  • Jerma is actually friends with Jigsaw from the Saw movies.