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This wiki documents the characters, events and other happenings associated with popular Twitch streamer and former YouTuber, Jerma985.


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Jerma actually lives in a world of his own creation, parallel to ours, known as the Jermaverse™. The Jermaverse is vast, and filled with incredible amounts of fictional characters... and some real people too, I guess.

One of the largest facets of the Jermaverse is the Jerma Wrestling Federation, an integrated media and entertainment company that is primarily known for professional wrestling such as the Jerma Rumble and Jermania.

Through this Jermaverse, Jerma's creative madness has steadily grown; and along with the comedic genius he regularly expresses on both YouTube and Twitch, Jerma has birthed something truly special. This Wiki is here to exhibit and celebrate the brainchildren and antics of one of the greatest internet funnymen of all time.

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