Jerma Moon, aka jermaMoon, is an emote, astronomical body, and part-time wrestler in the Jerma universe. According to the intro graphic on Jerma's stream, the Jerma Moon is the center of gravity for the Jerma Solar System of which Jerma Earth, Jerma Sun and Jerma Jupiter revolve around.

Origin Edit

On November 6, 2015 Jerma posted an image to Twitter of his face, heavily distorted. Later, a darkened and cropped version of this picture would become an emote on Jerma's stream called "jermaMoon".

Wrestling Edit

Tag-Team Edit

Jerma Moon made his in-ring debut at the Stream Edition of Jermania. Near the beginning of the night, the Moon came out to the ring to cut a promo, prompting Jerma to say he didn't know the Moon knew how to speak. Jerma Moon called out Mr. Sneak Man, and said they compliment each other well and should form a tag team. Mr. Sneak Man agreed, and the duo teamed up.

The two would soon face the team of The Archmage and Lorag in a tornado tag steel cage match. The Archmage quickly escaped the cage, only to find that both members of the team must leave to win. Jerma Moon and Mr. Sneak Man easily overpowered Lorag with a two on one advantage before escaping the cage to win.

Rumble Edit

Jerma Moon was the 14th competitor in the Stream Edition of the Jerma Rumble, however he was unable to eliminate anyone, and was thrown out just five minutes later.

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