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Jerma is Mad is an occurrence where nemesis Ster_ (STAR_) infuriates Jerma. Nemesis Ster_ began the idea when he used an alternate account to battle against Jerma in Team Fortress 2 in the video "TF2: Ruiner of Fun". Lord Jerma was busy trying to record a video, but since Ster_ kept killing him, he nearly gave up. Jerma figured out that the murderer was Ster_ and mentioned a confusing quote to follow, "So, I uhh... saw... the Arrow?" The madness continued with 3 more episodes of the battle of "Jerma vs. STAR_". Ster_ continued to anger Jerma with his Huntsman bow, and in the 3rd part he entirely decimated Jerma, who exclaimed "Put cigarettes out on my dick" in frustration.

The agitation continued in "Jerma is miffed part 3.1415" , where Star_ and his girlfriend (who was pocketing ster's soldier) continuously killed Jerma (who was a spy, on a team of nearly all spies). About halfway, Star_ commanded his girlfriend to switch to Jerma's team, and pocket him (which ended in Jerma being killed again and again).

While not actually a official Jerma is mad video in the video TF2: MvM Diaper Teleporter Ster ticks off Jerma by using a teleported like a diaper to transport him into a pit.