Jermania - Stream Edition

Jermania - Stream Edition

A second Jermania, now featuring various characters from Jerma's streams. Jermania is an event created by the Jerma Wrestling Federation, in which various characters (e.g. Dr. Oetker, The Egg, Glue Man, and even Widowmaker from Overwatch) compete in several wrestling events in order to obtain bragging rights. It is hosted in the video game WWE 2k17 for the PlayStation 4.

Jerma's opening statement Edit

"Hey look, hey you know all these guys like John Cena? The Miz? Sasha Banks ? None of these fucking people are gonna be in this video. Not one person on the screen right now, do you see Shane McMahon do his funny little dance? He's not in this, none of them are. So ladies and gentlemen please welcome, Jerma985 to the stage!"

The Event Edit

The event starts with Jerma985 coming out to the stage unexpectedly looking angry. Holding the mic he gives a speech mocking the city and audience acting like a general prick, despite the speech the crowd still cheers for him afterwards.

First event: Tornado tag team extreme rules Edit

Screenshot 2017-03-20 at 8.47.57 PM

Team sub sound vs Team Sorcery all outside the ring

This matchup was between Team Sorcery Flanker and the Analander VS. Team Sub Sounds Orson Welles and Paul Bearer. The Analander was pinned by Paul Bearer, which won the match for team Sub Sounds. Afterwards Paul Bearer and Orson Welles shook hands.

After that jermaMoon came out to the arena and called out Mr. Sneak Man asking to form a tag team; Mr. Sneak Man accepted his offer.

Second event: The 6 Serpent Hell in a Cell Edit

Screenshot 2017-03-20 at 8.46.15 PM

The 6 serpents brawling it out

The first contestant is the intercontinental champion the Air serpent from Sorcery. After that the Earth serpen, then the Fire serpent, the third serpent in Sorcery part 3. If you're asking why not 7 serpents instead of 6? Well that's because Jerma never killed the Sun serpent so he's not allowed in (Jerma is bad at videogames). The fourth serpent to enter is the Moon serpent, after that the Time serpent enters the arena, who is not to be mistaken for Venom from Spiderman. The final contestant to come out is the Water serpent. The match went on for a long time with no clear winner in sight, until the Earth serpent pinned the Water serpent.

Third event: Tables, Ladders, and chairs match Edit

The first contestant to come out was Dr.Oetker the inventor of baking power and for any of you trivia nuts its Jerma's favorite frozen pizza brand. Next Easy Pete makes his first appearance in Jerma wrestling and the last to enter the ring is Frogmin Jerma's Dark Soul's 3 character. In the match the 3 contestants repeatedly push the ladder over making each other fall off which happened like 8 times until, Dr.Oetker was able to take the 2 clips off the briefcase and win the match.

Fourth event: Back alley brawl Edit

By the time we cut to it the brawl has already started it's a fight between Glue man and Jerma. The two

Screenshot 2017-03-20 at 9.34.58 PM

Gabe the Glue man throwing a trash can at Jerma

exchange blows for a while but end with Glue man beating the snot out of Jerma repeatedly.

In Between the matches a random Byeah wanders on stage and mutters into the microphone until the next event starts.

Fifth event: Tornado tag team steel cage match Edit

The tag team JermaMoon formed with Mr.Sneak man now comes into action in the next event where they face off against The Archmage from Sorcery and the god Lorag. The Archmage is able to leave the ring abandoning his tag team partner Lorag pretty much dooming him. After wearing down Lorag JermaMoon leaves the ring making it a 1 on 1. After a 1 handed power bomb from Mr.Sneak Man he is able to leave the ring uncontested winning the cage match.

Main Event: The Jerma Rumble Edit

In Jermania Stream Edition's main event there are 30 competitors all competitors, entrance time, elimination time, and who they were eliminated by can be found here. The victor of Jermania Stream Edition is the Fire serpent who finished the match by eliminating The Analander. (Side Note: The first match was left incomplete because the game crashed so they had to start over)