Karl Griffinsteed (also spelled Carl) is the protagonist of the video "Castle Griffinsteed," in which he must reclaim his old grandfather's Castle from the horrors which lie within.

Physical Appearance Edit

Karl is a young, Caucasian male with a trimmed goatee and brown hair. He wears a chainmail helmet with a black tabard, blue jeans and sneakers.

Abilities Edit

It is unknown what abilities Karl has; however, he demonstrates a keen proficiency with both ranged and melee weapons, including but not limited to:

It should be noted that blades wielded by "idiots" have little to no effect on him.

Feats Edit

Karl has done many things that would make even the bravest people cry. He has been responsible for the deaths of 4 bandits, 9 wizards, 11 members of the military, Al'Gorro (the third lieutenant of the underworld), about 13 demonic bunnies, a shit ton of Zombies, Al'Guru (The Giant Demon) and even his "great x18" Grandfather, who he killed for a two-month supply of chips, which he ate in a matter of seconds.

Relatives Edit

Karl has a few known relatives

Coins Edit

He also really likes coins. Apparently he needs them. Later in his adventure, Karl spends them on various items such as a ray gun, which he called a "radar gun" possibly due to him being unfamiliar with such a weapon.

Jerma Rumble Edit

Karl made his rumble debut in the Jerma Rumble - Live Action, as the fourth contestant. Being as honorable as he was, Karl went straight to The Disco Diaper (who was knocked cold by Jay Buffet), said a prayer and then mercy killed him with his Spectral Longblade. At that moment Burgah Boy entered the arena 30 seconds too early and knocked down Jerma and Jay Buffet, at this moment Karl decided to throw his blade away to keep the competition fair. After valiantly fighting a number of competitors, Karl was KO'd by Sonic the Hedgehog and remained unconscious in the ring for a small duration of the event. After awaking, Karl eliminated himself after he ran out of the ring to help The Apple fight Demon Lord Zeraxos, knocking down and possibly killing The Egg who cracked open upon hitting the ground.

Cancelled Karl Griffinsteed 2 film Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the video Jerma Rumble - Live Action!, the actor had no idea what character he was set to play until the day of shooting, which turned out to be Karl Griffinsteed.
  • The actor of Karl hosted a thread on Reddit, sharing behind the scenes information with fans and an album of selfies with other actors on set. 
  • "Josh", the EMT guy, is his friend in real life. 

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