Katemine Creep is a fat, Hanes underwear and tie wearing cat in the Creep-Family Household living in Oasis Springs. 

History[edit | edit source]

The Sims 4-Stream[edit | edit source]

Jerma streamed The Sims 4 for the second time on 24th August 2018.[1] This time he had aquired the Cats & Dogs expansion pack, granting the abilty to create pets and add them to already created households. Katemine was created for the Creep-Household. It originally only consisted of Cornelius Creep and his Dog Pill Pupeye. Alongside Katemine the dog TootsiePop Creep and the cat OTC Orsen Creep got also added. 

Katemine first got created as only being fat with no neck and a tiny head, but then Jerma started using the paint mode.[2]

The first thing he did was painting Katemine's butt brown, making it look like ... well you know. However he quickly undid that and instead gave him a red tie to wear (tuning it into a yellow one later) and red lipstick. He then went on to give him underwear, in the end turning it into a Hanes product.

After that he got so much into the mood, adding a micky mouse clothes wearing dog named Crack Mickey Creep, the bunny-dog hybrid Ickybunny Creep and a muscular dog named Titancrack Creep.

During the day Katemine didn't do much. He wrecked the bed, shit in a bowl and didn't seem to care much, when his owner Cornelius was killed.

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