Miserable Mikey

Miserable Mikey was a contestant in the third Jerma Rumble. He is, presumably, the most miserable person on earth.


Miserable Mikey originated from the Quizney Channel, the most miserable place on earth. Mikey is also related to Quizneyland, a very miserable place aswell.

In The RingEdit

Mikey was the 11th contestant in Jerma Rumble 3. During his time in the arena he managed to eliminate Pac-Man and right away tried (unsuccessfully) to eliminate The Pencil with the help of Bat Boy. In the end, he was eliminated by The Pencil as soon as Jerma entered the arena.

When Demon Lord Zeraxos began eliminating contestants over a feud he had with the Slim Jim Guy, Mikey was sucker punched by The Egg while he was distracted. Both Mikey and The Egg were saved from Zeraxos by Mr. Sneak Man. Not long after Zeraxos' frenzy The Egg was eliminated, making Mikey the last survivor of the Zeraxos tirade.