Pac-Man is the protagonist of Namco's franchise of the same name. He is also a recurring character in the Jerma Universe. Jerma also love's Pac Man saying " He's the best video game character of all time" 

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Jermania 2014 Edit

Pac-man fought with Sonic the Hedgehog in a handicap match against Gabe Newell, during which the duo violently beat Newell with chairs before the match in one of the most disgraceful acts of dishonor in the history of Jermainia. However, Pac-Man suffered a debilitating stroke after picking up a chair in the match, rendering him catatonic and allowing Newell to pin Sonic and win the match.

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Jerma Rumble Live Action Edit

Pac-Man was the 7th contestant in Jerma Rumble - Live Action although he entered the after The Magician, who was 17th. During his entry Pac-Man was confused as to what he's supposed to do and even had help from backstage but still didn't manage to understand and instead went to get ice cream.

Pac-Man eventually returned after The Magician murdered The Audience Member and "Byeah #788". He eliminated The Magician but only because he wanted his spot to sit. After sitting Pac-Man was picked up by the Bottom-Half of The Two Person Horse, at this moment Pac-Man performed an impressive Hurricanrana on him. Later on, The Christmas Tree performed "Deck The Halls" (his finisher) on Pac-Man, dazing him. Pac-Man eventually performed his finishing move, "The Push" (where he lightly pushes all other contestant in the ring) but he was reversed by The Bottom Half who pushed him over the ropes. Pac-Man managed to hang on but clumsily fell out when he tried to get back in the ring.

Other Appearances Edit

Pac-Man Has Gone Insane!Edit

Pac-Man goes on a quest to find milk for his son, Pac-Baby. He strolls around town making an utter fool of himself, all the while making stupid faces. The shitty music that is related to any Pac-Man video hereafter (as seen in Jerma's "Pac-Man's Halloween") comes from this game.

Pac-Man and The Ghostly High School ReunionEdit

Pac-Man relives his high school days on his mission to find the required amount of fruit needed to start each of the fruit-related arcade machines. As this is during his pre-pubescent age, Pac-Man has a very default anime protagonist voice to reinforce his title of a main character. It is also noted in this video that Jerma was forced to pay back Star's $100, but he had already spent it at the time of its recording

Smash Bros Wii U - Pac-Man's 1v1 Glory QuestEdit

Jerma goes on a quest to become the best Smash 4 Pac-Man player ever.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Professional Smash 4 Pac-Man main, Abadango, listed Jerma as one of his main inspirations to take up the character.