The Shpee is the infant form of the Spy from Team Fortress 2, and is a relatively endangered creature. They are generally weak, unintelligent, incompetent, and die very often. Although useless, shpees do lots of "work", the manner of which is unknown. They smell of dried koolaid and chicken. Once they grow older and gain more experience, they become fully-fledged Spies, and will no longer smell of chicken (but will have a stronger scent of koolaid). The Shpee is also a close relative to the Spy Crab.

It is believed that at least 700 Shpees are born every minute, and a Shpee leaves its mother's nest when it is 11 days old. Generally they don't last for much longer than a few weeks, as they are very prone to danger, and need to teach themselves stealth and self-defense. Tragically, only two from every litter of 700 Shpees survive to adulthood. According to Jerma, when a Shpee gets his first kill, it can finally grow its wings and fly.

If a Shpee survives leaving the nest and growing up to become a Spy, those spies can breed and create nests for their own baby Shpees.

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Shpees tend to breed in a Shpee nest during the month of August, which is their mating season. During the breeding season the male shpee shoves its face into the female shpee's face 294 times. People should stay out of maps like cp_dustbowl during mating season, because if a wild Shpee Nest is disturbed while mating, the Shpees will engage in erratic, violent behavior and kill each other and the intruder. It is unknown why the shpees kill each other, possibly out of stupidity. During the attack, shpees will try to engage in conversation and ask you questions. This may be due to shpees trying to lure the intruder into a false sense of security to kill them, although this is unlikely.

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  • "The Shpees Are We" is a foundation dedicated to the conservation of the Shpees.