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Skippy's current icon on twitch

is a well known chat member, subscriber and mod of Jerma's friend, Ster's, of, twitch chat.

He is known to thoroughly enjoy Funyuns and was abused by Popeye in his early childhood.

SkippySqueeze 's real identity is unknown, but he is also known to go by Skippy D. Squeezie, Skipey Manbla, Danny DoRito, "Mahjong Hero," Sony Antonio Playstation and "Leonard."

Rumor has it that in a previous life, SkippySqueeze had a small city business selling Bathtups, 2-gallon containers of PebsiCola® and oddly specific packages of "thirty-five fucking boxes," today he can be seen revolutionizing the prosthetics industry with his everyday use clam-friendly line of prosthetic enhancements. The Clamclapper!™ is one such prosthesis. ;()//

SkippySqueeze is permanently (twelve) years of age and as such, is incapable of using age-sensitive lamp posts found in most rural and urban areas. He doesn't understand what purpose the posts serve as a consequence of never seeing them in operation.

Additionally, SkippySqueeze is responsible for the creation and maintenance of BurgahBot, a burger dispensing chat bot native to Ster's twitch channel. This makes Skippy the youngest boy to ever program such an adorable artificial intelligence. Nice going, sport!