The "Be Braaave" Guy (also known as the "Swear Guy" or "Sir Swears") served on the pirate vessel captained by Jerma in Raven's Cry. Ostensibly, his only purpose was to stand on the quarterdeck, using his extensive oratory skill to simultaneously motivate and derogate the other crewmen with such vulgar exhortations as 'Be braaaaave, motherfuckers', 'Be braaaaave, pile o' shits', and 'We don't die today, you bitches'. Interestingly, the latter statement was spoken whilst the vessel was sinking beneath the waves, demonstrating commendable diligence in his role.

After several days, Raven's Cry received a patch which, among other things, removed the 'Be Braave' Guy, much to the ire of Captain Jerma, who demanded his return as he was an 'integral part' of the crew.

Known quotes Edit

  • "Be braaaave, motherfuckers!"
  • "Be braaaave, bloody bastards!"
  • "Be braaaave, bungholes!"
  • "Be braaaave, fuckers!"
  • "Be braaaave, son of a bitches!"
  • "Be braaaave, horse's asses!"
  • "Be braaaave, pile of shits!"
  • "Be braaaave, you quacks!"
  • "Be braaaave, shitheads!"
  • "Be braaaave, sheep asses!"

While the ship is sinking: Edit

  • "We don't die today, you bitches!"
  • "It's all your fault!"
  • "It's all your fault, you numbskulls!"

Speculation  Edit

  • While unconfirmed as of yet, it is possible that the ship on which the 'Be Braaave' Guy served may once have belonged to the illustrious Captain Humphries.
  • Another theory as to the disappearance of the 'Be Braave' Guy is that, when Captain Jerma's vessel was first sunk, he was claimed by the sea and thus unable to return to service.
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