The Chicken was a contestant in both Jermania 2014 and the first Jerma Rumble

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Chicken is a tall, grotesque creature. The Chicken has a human face coming out of the chicken head, therefore it is unknown whether it's a man in a chicken suit or a chicken in a man suit. The Chicken's human face is pale white, has sharp teeth and white eyes.

In The Ring Edit

Jerma Rumble Edit

The Chicken was the 17th contender in the first Jerma Rumble, where it was eliminated by Danny Devito after about 2 and a half minutes in the arena.

Jermania 2014 Edit

During the Gauntlet Match, where Grandpa had to go against all the shitty characters, The Chicken was knocked down by The Turkey, his long lost rival and another shitty character before getting to the arena.

Moments later The Chicken was seen again trying to hold Santa back from punching The 30's Milkman.

The Gauntlet Match ended after The Chicken, Santa Claus, Martin Van Buren and Bat Boy all ganged up on Grandpa and beat him.

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