The Disco Diaper was a professional wrestler, former tap dance artist, former dance instructor, and winner of the fourth Jerma Rumble, in which he made his debut as the first contestant. Although he was incapacitated by Jay Buffet before the match even started and eventually killed by Carl Griffinsteed, he still won the event by default as he was the only contestant left in the ring. He was seen entering the stage wearing black shades, a fighting belt and an adult diaper while performing his patented dance move, the "point to the right and point to the left," which is regarded by Jerma as "definitely not disco".

The Disco Diaper's real name and origins are unknown.

 Trivia Edit

  • Although he appears to be on the ring floor for only 30 or so minutes, the actor was required to lay prone during the two day, 14 hour long filming.
  • Feces were considered to be put in his diaper after he was killed to make it appear he soiled himself but Jerma not wanting to accrue a "community strike" decided against it.
  • His theme song is Dubious Disco done by Blordow, who composed all of Jerma Rumble Live's music.