The EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) appeared in the Jerma Rumble - Live Action after The Egg was possibly killed by Carl Griffinsteed. He arrived to the scene to attend to The Egg, and what was left of Jerma, but as the Audience Member was the only contestant currently in the ring, the Rumble was at an impasse so The EMT had to enter the ring as the 13th contestant on a very short notice. Surprisingly though, he was ready for it. He was quickly eliminated by Winston who used his Ultimate on him, sending him flying out of the ring landing badly on the ground leaving a large bruise on his side. He was later seen trying to treat his injury, assuring everyone he was alright. Sadly, The EMT later passed away backstage due to the gruesome severity of his injuries.

Trivia Edit

  • Backstage, the EMT actor helped The Apple apply his red face paint.