The Magician entered 17th in the Jerma Rumble Live Action, after eliminating both Byeah 788's Imposter and the Audience Member. Shortly after that, he was eliminated by Pac-Man. The Magician does not fight hand-to-hand like the normal characters, but rather in a sinister and terrifying way. After an innocent and lighthearted entrance, the magician sits on a post and casts a spell. He then pulls out the Audience Member's brain and the Byeah's heart, killiing both of them as they fall out of the ring. He even pulls out the The Disco Diaper's kidney after the Diaper is clearly dead. He is eliminated by Pac-Man via a gentle slap off of the post.

The Magician2

The Magician casting spells on byeah 788's imposter and Audience Member moments before being eliminated by Pac-Man.