Characteristics and origin Edit

The slim jim guy is a character that starred in various television commercials advertising the snack food he is based on, slim jims, that showed various people eating slim jims followed up by the slim jim guy falling into a room that represented the consumers stomach where he would then cause various forms of mischief such as giving a man in a public pool a cramp, causing him to almost drown. At the end of every commercial he starred in he would say the phrase "Eat me!" after bursting out of the slim jim logo.

In The Ring Edit

Jerma Rumble 3 Edit

The slim jim guy made his Jerma Wrestling Federation debut by entering the third jerma rumble at the number 10 position. (At 11:58 in the video) He lasted about 2 minutes and 31 seconds in the rumble before being eliminated/killed by demon lord zeraxos when he choke slammed him through the ring into the fiery depths below along with The Mime, Candyman, and Count Chocula.

Trivia Edit

*Randy Savage is a way better Slim Jim mascot and that is an indisputable fact.


The Slim Jim guy in one of his terrifying commercials.


Demon lord zeraxos killing the slim jim guy