This Vineyard
This Vineyard
Offical teaser poster. The text reads "Random movie text. the stuff that is always on the bottom of the poster. I think it says the actor names and maybe the director as well. The production company might also go here, I have never actually read these things. Just rest assured, there is text down here."
Production Company Burgah Bakery
Starring Jerma, Jay Buffet, STAR_
Music by Kevin MacLeod
Language English, Jerman
Run time 3:04
Budget $2.1 million
Release Date Never
"Wine is complicated. Life is complicated. Do you have the right ingredients? Do you have the right timeframe? Are you ready to start your winery? Are you ready to start your life? ...Write that down. Because yes, it will be on the test."
―Jay Buffet

This Vineyard is a 2015 American action thriller directed by and starring Jerma. It was never released due to over-budgeting. 

Plot SynopsisEdit

The film stars Jay Buffet (Previously dubbed "Vinnie Yard" by fans) who has been researching wine for 25 years at the Los Santos University Wine Studies. Though many people have tried to purchase his vineyard, he insists that he will pass it down to his son, Jeffrey (As he explained to his colleague Frank). Later, his home comes under attack by criminals that want the secrets to his fortune. After an attempted assassination on Jeffrey (Which left him in an unknown state as he isn't shown again but it is stated by Jay that "They tried to kill my son" hinting he is possibly still alive), Jay sets out to exact revenge on each and every one of them.