"Bloody Hell..."
―Trench Coat Man's catchphrase
"Thought I'd be doing real jobs... robbing banks... stealing paintings.... Now I'm wading through shit to find a dirty toothbrush. Fuckin' day off as well... None of this even matters."
―Trench Coat Man
Trench Coat Man was one of three thieves in the movie Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasure and a supporting character in its sequel, Rat Movie 2: The Movie.


Trench Coat Man is a supporting character in the world renowned film, Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasure. Not much is known about Trench Coat Man until the start of his story in Rat Movie and Rat Movie 2.

Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan TreasureEdit

"Oi, more importantly; Since when did we have a rat problem?"
―Trench Coat Man upon discovering the Rats
Trench Coat Man's fable begins with discussing the plans for the treasure heist with Dick "Dastardly" Richard and Blue Man. After the discussion ends, the thieves rush to the restaurant where the treasure is hidden. Trench Coat Man follows his partners to the back until Gerrard and the rats attacked. He flees the restaurant, leaving his friends to fight.

Rat Movie 2: The MovieEdit

"Mate, it's just a movie."
―Trench Coat Man discussing the Noah's Ark Toothbrush
Trench Coat Man's appearance in Rat Movie 2 is very brief. Though he abandoned his team in the Mayan Treasure restaurant, he returns to watch a movie with Dick Richard. Richard gets an idea that the blue toothbrush relic from the movie is real, and wants to go find it. Richard asks Trench Coat Man to come with him to the sewers, and he reluctantly agrees. Richard takes them to the local dump; a place known for the disposal of blue toothbrushes. They split up and collect a couple of toothbrushes to sell to the Cat Police. After collecting a fair amount, the pair meets up with the Cat Police. While discussing a deal, the rats come to cause trouble. Once more, Trench Coat Man flees the area when trouble arrives.

Trivia Edit

  • At exactly 6 minutes into Rat Movie 2, Dick Richards refers to him as Jerma. 'Oh yea block buster closed, good joke Jerma', which may imply that his name in the Rat Movie universe is in fact Jerma.
  • He is voiced by Boo (aka Booman61)