Turtimos "The Adolescent Warrior" (A.K.A. "Turtimos The Teenage Adolescent Mutant Warrior") was a contender in the third Jerma Rumble. He was trained to be a warrior by his master Splintoad.

Physical Appearance Edit

Turtimos has an appearance befitting a Shitty Character although Jerma never mentioned him being one.

Turtimos has the general look of a horrible Turtle-Human hybrid having the facial features and limb structure similar to that of a man, but at the same time he is also bright green with a very wide body and a brown shell partially covering his back and abdomen. He wears orange armbands and eye-mask similar to that of Michelangelo from TMNT.

In The Ring Edit

Turtimos was the fourth character appearing in the Third Jerma Rumble, entering just after Demon Lord Zeraxos eliminated Sonic The Hedgehog. Due to the fact Zeraxos immediately killed Sonic and eliminated himself just as Turtimos entered the ring, Turtimos counts as the 1st contender in the Rumble. Since Turtimos was alone in the ring Frank Pizza had to enter the ring prematurely. Turtimos wasn't able to eliminate anyone and was eventually eliminated by Count Chocula.

Art Gallery Edit


Skull Girls skin for Turtimos